How to Build a Psychotronic Weapon

WIP: This is a simplified tutorial which will teach you how to build your own psychotronic weapon

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet regarding psychotronic weapons, with some people claiming that they can insert thoughts into the target's head, control their actions, etc. In reality, they are harassment devices used by intelligence agencies worldwide against whistleblowers, terror suspects, etc.

The ones that are used by intelligence agencies operate in the SHF/EHF microwave frequency band. See this post by Jason Caldwell:

ELF/VLF amplitude modulation or Lilly wave amplitude modulation is most likely used in order to cause interference with the target's nervous system. The LIDA machine uses ELF modulation in order to induce sleep or prevent sleep. Voices can also be beamed into a target's head (voice to skull/V2K) using a different modulation technique.

What you need:

Solid state power amplifiers for the SHF/EHF frequency range are expensive, however used TWTs can be found at cheaper prices on ebay. See:

You can remove the transmitter and horn from a radar gun, although you may need to replace the Gunn diode with a more powerful one and add a heatsink.


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