Schematics and full building instructions coming soon.

Estimated BOM cost: $2000 - $5000 depending on whether Chinese suppliers or well-known US/EU suppliers such as Mini-Circuits and Pasternack are used

Helpful resources:

GBPPR Havana Syndrome Experiments
Reddit: OpenV2K
Matthew Arnegard (Matthew Aaron from FFTI) bonafide neuroweapon attack video

Sleep deprivation weapon instructions (uses very little energy)
"A more "modern" way to induce a psychosis is to subject the subject to microwaves in the 2.7GHz - 15GHz range. One such a device, which I am currently in the process of putting together, utilizes a so-called audio-band pink noise generator which generates a low-frequency white noise signal. This low-frequency white noise signal is modulated on a high-frequency generator, sent over a Haan high-frequency Gunn Diode (MA41500 Gunn Diode does the job) and exits via an antenna Feedhorn Assy. The entire device is no bigger than a small cigar box and can easily be hidden under the target's bed so that it SILENTLY disrupts his sleep. "
Other notes (will add sources later):
Anything over ~3GHz is not a preferred frequency despite smaller waveguide sizes, due to human body penetrability. 2.4-2.6 is ideal because microwaves within this range will also heat water. 16.6 Hz (falls within ELF range) sine waves modulated onto MW is known to produce a great amount of calcium efflux which could make it useful for use as a seizure/confusion weapon frequency.