Is the CIA stalking and murdering ISIS terror suspects?

Microwave weapons, group stalking and harassment ("gangstalking"), neurotoxins, hitmen, an illegal Turkish black site, Delta Force, and an airport kidnapping: A true story



I (John Erin Binns / CIA code name RAVEN) have been an ISIS terror suspect since 2017. 

It began when an FBI Confidential Human Source whom I met online (Azaiah Crosswhite / moda) gave my Skype account to his handler. The FBI then sent an administrative subpoena to Microsoft and obtained my email address, which I had previously reused on my US passport application in 2016. An alert was also sent through the Europol Information System to 16 countries in Europe stating that I was a terror suspect.

On October 11, 2017, Arthur Gong from the US Department of Homeland Security interrogated me about allegedly travelling to Latakia, Syria while I was waiting to board a flight from London Heathrow Airport to Chicago Airport. When my plane landed in Chicago, I was flagged for secondary screening (See Exhibit A) and asked more questions. My citizenship was questioned, and the CBP officer got angry after I told him that not answering his questions doesn't make me inadmissible to the US.

In early 2018, I left the United States and moved to Turkey. Soon after, strange things started happening to me. Kenneth Currin Schuchman (Nexus Zeta), a dual FBI/CIA informant who was given a pound of heroin by federal agents to inform on me, attempted to entrap me on child pornography and terrorism charges while I was drunk.

Schuchman tried persuading me into buying Stinger missiles and guns from a Tor website which would be shipped in "xray proof boxes" (those don't even exist) to my location. When that failed, he tried getting me to open a website which likely had exploit code on it (he specifically told me to open it in Chrome) and then told me that he knew of some good "Tor porn sites". When I asked him what type of porn was on these websites, Schuchman replied that they contained child porn.

Then, Schuchman told me in a call that Dingle/Drake/Logan Shwydiuk was going to come to my house and kill me, and asked me what I'd do if he came to my house. I was drunk at the time, and I told Schuchman that I'd kill Shwydiuk. I suspect that Schuchman was recording this call for the FBI so that they could use it as evidence against me in a fabricated terrorism investigation.

Around this time, I noticed that two Western males wearing white shirts and sunglasses would frequently visit an apartment building behind the one I live in.

Several days after I reported Schuchman to the DEA for selling heroin and right after he tried entrapping me on computer fraud charges, he was indicted in the District of Alaska.

That's when the harassment started...

My phone was hacked by Turkish intelligence/MIT using some type of 0-click SMS RCE and GPS tracking spyware was planted on it. My phone's GPS feature would turn on without my consent, and several minutes later, a flash mob of "street thugs" would be blocking the sidewalk and shouting death threats at me. Sometimes, they'd just walk up to me holding their cell phone in one hand and screaming death threats at the same time. (Street theater/Gangstalking)

I received more death threats than I can count, probably close to 100 from different stalkers over the course of a few months.

Now about the Western males: I saw them wearing night vision goggles on several occasions, they'd constantly harass me and illegally surveil me on Turkish territory up until I called the police.

Harassment from CIA contractors:

Azaiah Crosswhite would make comments over Discord such as "[the CIA] are going to send me a copy of your destruction video", "your name is Cock Sucker", and "your code name is RAVEN". He'd also encourage me to murder the people who were harassing me, go on a mass shooting spree, or commit suicide.

These are all goals of the government stalking program which I was a victim of, according to an article by Julianne McKinney, who is a former US army intelligence officer and member of the Association of National Security Alumni. See: .

I called the police a few days before July 1, 2019. When the officers came, one of them said that I "talk too much" and that I should "keep [my] mouth shut".

Then, intense microwave harassment started. I would hear footsteps in the unit above mine and my sleep would be disrupted due to the weapon that Turkish intelligence was using on me.

On July 1, 2019, a man I didn't know started asking me questions such as "If somebody was caught selling illegal alcohol, what political party would that person be from?". He also made comments implying that I had been under surveillance by Turkish intelligence for a while, and warned me that the Turkish government had prepared a trap for me.

Several minutes later, an elderly man from my neighborhood named Ozkan came and asked me if I was the "exit/cikis". (exit/cikis is a term for the illegal killing of a terrorist by Turkish intelligence). He took me to his apartment and told me to visit Konak Ferry Station. I went to Bostanli Ferry Station and boarded a ferry to Konak. After the ferry started going to Konak, I overheard 3 men in a row near me talking about how they were hired to kill me and that they'd dump my body in the ocean because I was allegedly an ISIS member.

Once the ferry arrived at Konak, I immediately got a random person to dial 112 and faked having medical problems. An ambulance came to the ferry station, and I was taken to Alsancak Nevvar Salih Isgoren Hospital. I told the emergency room doctors that there was nothing wrong with me, they ran my ID card through the emergency room computer, and my name came up as a wanted terrorist.

I overheard the doctors talking about the fact that Azaiah Crosswhite's name came up on the emergency room computers and that my name was changed to "Cock Sucker" in some type of database which they had access to.

Police lights shined into the emergency room and I heard sirens as around 5 police cars came to the hospital along with Turkish intelligence. I was given 2 injections of haldol, and a guy next to my bed who worked for Turkish intelligence called somebody on his cell phone whom he referred to as "Erdogan". Maybe it was the Turkish president? I don't know..

The doctors kept me in the hospital until the next morning and I was then released.

Several days later, I was in Gultepe, Konak, at a relative's house, and people were firing gunshots into the air while somebody would use a microwave weapon to make me feel like my head was going to explode. I saw people on a nearby rooftop, they had guns (which they were constantly firing) and camouflage clothing. Whenever I'd get microwaved, my phone would lose cell service and the camera would blur.

While this was happening, I tried to contact somebody I barely knew who worked at the US Department of Justice for help.

As soon as I had a mental breakdown due to the constant gunfire and microwaving, the gunfire and microwave attacks immediately stoppedTwo street thugs then attacked me (I believe that Turkish intelligence paid them money to do this) and prevented me from going home in a taxi.

I called the police and they came rather quickly. When one of the police officers looked up the information on my ID card through a mobile app on his phone, he saw something in the police database. I was told by a Turkish police officer: "If you were in the US, the CIA would just shoot you, we are nice so we will take you to a hospital instead". Fortunately, there were no beds available at the local hospital so I was allowed to go home in a taxi.

After I went home, the microwave harassment continued, and I went to Cesme a few days later. The harassment continued there as well.

I gave a member of the Bundespolizei (immigration police) a piece of paper explaining that I was being harassed with a microwave gun by Turkish intelligence, but I was not given the opportunity to tell the Bundespolizei my full story. A fake Bavarian State Police officer then came and took me past immigration to the police station. I was put in a cell, and I noticed that all of the "officers" were speaking Turkish, ALL of them. I strongly suspect that an insider within the police force let Turkish intelligence into the station. I don't know if that insider is the commissar or someone else.

One of them was calling me stupid in Turkish, and they were all discussing what they should do with me. "Ausganging"/killing me was discussed as an option, but the fake police eventually decided to send me to a mental hospital. I was given some forms to sign, and I had no idea where I was being taken at the time. I signed the paperwork as I didn't want to get ausganged/killed. I then heard the fake police discussing in Turkish that I was lucky to be going to a mental hospital, as they usually kill ISIS suspects.

A few minutes after I boarded the ambulance, I realized that something was wrong. A male and female who were in the ambulance with me started talking about my alleged cybercrimes and about somebody named Rosenberg who "wanted blood". Once the ambulance arrived at KBO Taufkirchen Station A2 (48.345941, 12.137753), the same fake police officer who took me past immigration told the staff to fry my brain with gas and that I'd then be transported to Anchorage International Airport.

Then, four Turkish men came and forcibly put me in the neurotoxic gas room (which doubles as a suicide watch room). My shoes were taken off (so that I couldn't break down the door and escape), and a worker activated a metal fan. A gas which smelled like formaldehyde then started to come out of the fan. I saw graffiti on the walls of the gas room, all of the names that were carved into the walls were Turkish, and I realized that I was at some type of illegal Turkish black site on German territory. During this time, Turkish intelligence was livestreaming the gas room camera to a group of CIA informants (Azaiah Crosswhite, Jared Fazah, Justin Anglin) as a "destruction video". Azaiah Crosswhite had previously stated "[the CIA] are going to send me a copy of your destruction video".

Jared Fazah had taken a $500,000 Bitcoin bribe to sell me out a few days before I was kidnapped, while Justin Anglin is a CIA agent who has previously been to Iran and other middle eastern countries. They were all talking about the livestream in a Discord server, sadly I don't have any screenshots as they were mysteriously deleted from my computer (it may have been hacked).

One hour after I was put in the gas room, a staff member came and turned off the fan in my room. This is the only reason why I don't suffer from brain damage today. I was saved by that staff member.

About 3 hours after I was put in the gas room, I heard a helicopter hovering above the fake mental hospital. This helicopter may have belonged to the US military, but at the time I thought it belonged to the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office) and that they were coming to save me.

I banged on the door of the gas room and screamed for the police to come and save me, but nobody came.

In the early morning hours of July 7, 2019, a Turkish doctor came into the room with a flashlight. She commented aloud in Turkish that "[I] was made to rot". Then, a female CIA agent came into the room with my mother while I was pretending to be mentally disabled. The doctors brought me chocolate milk and pizza, and the CIA agent started talking about how I'd be indicted by a grand jury in the District of Alaska and forced into a plea deal for over 10 years in prison. That I'd be found mentally incompetent and have no choice but to take the plea deal, sending me to prison for a long time.

The CIA agent declined to give my mother her real name and talked about previously living in Australia. She had an Eastern European accent and told my mother to throw away any receipts or evidence indicating that she was in the town of Taufkirchen, and to keep her cell phone turned off.

The lady also told my mother that a US senator (I don't remember the senator's exact name) wanted to meet with her. In 2018, Kenneth Currin Schuchman had told me that "a senator can order the killing of a US citizen in some cases" and told one of my friends that a US senator wanted to kill me. Nobody believed him back then, including me. I still don't know who this senator is or why he wants me killed. (Note: Kenneth Currin Schuchman has been repeatedly thrown in mental hospitals, and his father Robert Schuchman currently has guardianship over him).

The lady left and I slept for a few hours in the neurotoxic gas room/suicide watch room. Then after I woke up, a staff member woke up and unlocked the door. I was allowed to leave, and that's when the torture started. An African lady was playing back a recording of me in the gas room on one of the hospital computers and laughing at it. The same lady would also play screaming noises and the Turkish word for mentally retarded ("gerizekali") over a loudspeaker connected to the computer, and use a microwave weapon which looked like a stereo speaker to give me epileptic seizures. I do remember that the weapon was brought to the hospital in a large briefcase by men working for Turkish intelligence.

I met other people who were being held at the hospital. One lady told me "You're lucky that the Turks got you first. With the Germans it would have been worse. The Turks usually don't kill". She also claimed to be a spy.

I borrowed a cell phone from one of the other patients and called the police. Once I told them that I was being held at a fake mental hospital run by the Turkish secret services, I was told that I "belonged in [the hospital]" by a German police officer and they never responded to my emergency call.