Full Story: 2018-2019 CACI International Inc (contractors accidentally left a box with a large laminated piece of paper open and were identified) overseas stalking and Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) abduction incident -John Erin Binns (Irdev/IntelSecrets/SubVirt/v0rtex) CIA RAVEN/1
Microwave weapon resources
BaranovFamily.org - By an FSB target who was subjected to Zerzetsung/"Decomposition" methods including poisonings and sprays
Falun Gong members being poisoned using spinal injections and domoic acid shellfish neurotoxin, then misdiagnosed
Four ASELSAN (Turkish defense contractor) employees commit suicide within a year, microwave weapons suspected
Poisonings of dissidents at psychiatric hospitals in Nakhchivan (Azerbaijani exclave), see PDF page 21

Follow the above link for information on an illegal Turkish black site on German soil that the BKA refuses to raid or shut down. Also please call +903123436826 to speak to Turkish intelligence director Hakan Fidan and ask him why he was responsible for all of this. Additionally call Polizeiinspektion Dorfen at +49808193050 and ask them why ALL emergency calls from cell phones at KBO Taufkirchen are ignored while TNIO is possibly dumping abducted brain damage victims on roadsides.

Note: Cezary Podkul and Kartikay Mehrotra from ProPublica have confirmed that I am on Europol's terror watchlist through a LE source, please contact them for verification of this

Name and shame of Erdogan's torturers who managed KBO Taufkirchen Station A2 (and would refuse to speak the Turkish language for security reasons DESPITE wearing coat nametags with their Turkish names): Fatma Aydin-Isitan (deputy station manager), Ceren Yunusoglu, Jacinta Gokduman (would show myself a magazine clipping of a man with Down syndrome, point to it, and say "this is you" then threaten to kill me), Cem Ozturk, Hassan Amir Adawieh (TNIO agent who was involved with fabricating records and previously worked at a state hospital in Damascus, Syria) + other unknown individuals
Name of Turkish national police officer on the deportation flight to Istanbul who said "We are going to force everyone [who was involved in this operation] to apologize, it will be taken care of" and had knowledge of my abduction: Mehmet Zeki Nokay

Another victim out of several: Omar Hibatullah AlQalyuby - Founder of dehashed.com and nephew of convicted terrorist Kifah Jayyousi, threatened by Azaiah Crosswhite then held in an Israeli immigration jail for weeks, deported to Switzerland where his laptop was seized by the NDB and he was illegally sent to the US. Later held on US soil for 72+ hours, denied access to a lawyer despite being a US Citizen, and forced to sign NDAs. Electronic devices also hacked, and asked about members of an ISIS web forum by the FBI as well as myself (attempt to frame me).
Names of federal informants who participated in my harassment, admitted to working for the FBI or CIA, or had me watchlisted in 2017:

Azaiah Chadrick Crosswhite aka Moda, 08/31/1997 650-05-7510, 12224 Kerrwood St El Monte CA, POB Colorado (responsible for DHS interrogation by CBP Attache Officer Arthur Gong @ London Heathrow, working for the CIA, and having me fraudulently watchlisted + Having a minor indicted on federal charges in 2018),

Justin Anglin / Justin Wainscott aka Firekube aka Justin Blaze, 105 Herman Smithers Rd Frankfort KY, 02/14/1984 401-33-6363 (self-confessed CIA agent who travelled to Iran and other countries as a part of his work in the early 2000s), conflicting names in SSA/Credit records, claims to be living under a stolen identity in Frankfort KY

Jared Fazah aka Expedient, 53 Twisting Ln Wantagh NY, 131-86-5291 02/09/1998

Kenneth Currin Schuchman (responsible for an entrapment attempt involving a fake FBI website, Stinger missiles, and material support for terrorism charges in 2018 + CIPAV/Network Investigative Technique use and spyware planted on my phone).
Incriminating recording ("I can't talk about the contract work you did for other agencies either") + Special Agent Elliott Peterson committing perjury or feigning ignorance:

NCIC Dump (He is working off a sealed drug case and the government doesn't care enough to aggressively hunt for him):