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I refused to work for the CIA as an informant.. First they tried blackmailing me with a nude video, then they targeted me..

Other countries are falsely being told that I'm an ISIS terrorist by the CIA. An alert was sent out with my name which I saw on a Turkish police officer's phone in 2019

The CIA's domestic activities today include gassing (the use of neurotoxic gas rooms on those who discover government secrets), informant networks targeting the blackhat hacking scene, and gangstalking. On the other hand, Turkish intelligence engages in extrajudicial killings of terror suspects, abductions (there were many unreported abductions near Munich in 2019 of Turkish citizens who were taken to KBO Taufkirchen and gassed), gassing of terror suspects, neurotoxin injections in hospitals on people who discover govt. secrets and gangstalking.

In 2017, I was stopped by DHS at London Heathrow Airport and watchlisted as a terror suspect due to faulty intelligence supplied by a domestic CIA/FBI informant named Azaiah Crosswhite. I later became the victim of a COINTELPRO-style counterintelligence stalking/"gangstalking" campaign by federal agencies (DHS/FBI/CIA) and their private defense contractors. I dealt with private contractors breaking into vacant apartments belonging to my neighbors in Turkey and 1. illegally surveilling me using TEMPEST receivers and laser microphones, 2. harassing me using electronic weapons (ELF weapons with 2450MHz carrier frequency using solid-state microwave technology), pointing modified microwave ovens with the door removed at my bed, pointing microwave magnetrons at my bed to shock me, "dazzling" me with laser pointers in my bedroom as a harassment tactic, taking pictures of my bedroom and forwarding them to informants, directed conversations from informants and gaslighting, illegal wiretapping of my home phone (bug was placed on the junction box by contractors illegally operating in Turkey).

I also dealt with the following: street theater/daily death threats from people dressed up as street thugs, electronic device hacking with 0-day exploits and spyware, Bitcoin bribes paid to my old associates so that they would turn against me, false pedophilia rumors circulated in my neighborhood, informants such as Kenneth Schuchman (a former CIA/FBI informant who was thrown in a mental hospital) attempting to entrap me on child pornography and material support for terrorism, other informants encouraging me to work for the CIA, commit a mass shooting, or commit suicide.

The organized stalking eventually escalated into attempts on my life by Erdogan's thugs, as the CIA told the Turkish government I was an ISIS member and (most likely) promised Erdogan's regime political concessions in exchange for murdering me. On July 7, 2019, I was abducted by Turkish intelligence/MIT (fake German police) from Munich Airport and taken to a black site (fake mental hospital) run by the Turks on German territory. Delta Force later came to the facility to collect me and illegally render me to Anchorage Airport from an American military base, however the operation was cancelled. In the aftermath, the German government claimed that I had no legal status in Germany (because I was kidnapped by fake police before going through immigration), banned me from the Schengen area for 3 years and deported me to Turkey on a flight where officers from the Turkish national police were waiting. The Turkish government then blocked my flights from Izmir Airport to foreign countries for no reason and held me hostage within the country so that I would not notify the German government of MIT's unauthorized black site and my kidnapping. I later ended up notifying Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, Bundeskriminalamt and the German consulate in Izmir of this incident. Still, there is no investigation by the German government most likely due to political reasons. The cover-up continues..

Note: We are not affiliated with KBO or KBO Taufkirchen in any way // Hinweis: Wir sind in keiner Weise mit KBO oder KBO Taufkirchen verbunden
The story on this website is true but cannot be proven at this time
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German federal govt. cover-up: Kidnapping of a US citizen from Munich Airport by Turkish secret services (fake police) on July 7, 2019

VERTUSCHUNG: Vom türkischen Geheimdienst (gefaltschen polizei) vom Münchner Flughafen entführt und in einen Ammoniakraum gesteckt

KBO Taufkirchen: Geheimes Gefängnis für Daesh-Verdächtige & Geheimdienstpsychopathen: Mord, Live-Zerstörungsvideos und Hirnschäden im Gasraum

KBO Taufkirchen: Secret prison for ISIS suspects & Turkish secret services psychopaths: Murder, live-streamed destruction videos, and brain damage in the gas room

Illegal Turkish Government/MIT programs // Yasadışı MIT programları // Illegale türkische Regierungsprogramme

Helpful Resources:

Incomplete list of disinformation agents and websites:
Katherine Horton/TargetedJustice
Richard Lighthouse (Winter Owen Calvert from Houston TX)/

Ongoing US Government & worldwide intelligence community programs:

Organized Harassment, Community Watch Networks & "Gangstalking" (Infographic)
How a typical portable "mind-control"/ELF DEW might be constructed
Gas Rooms/"Retard-Making": How governments worldwide can make anyone mentally disabled within 6 hours
Directed Energy Weapons: A technical look at microwave, laser, and sonic weapons

How to protect yourself as a victim of gangstalking

Satori botnet case defendants (All indicted in the District of Alaska):
Aaron Sterritt (Vamp): FBot and Satori botnet author, responsible for the 2016 Dyn cyberattack, also took a bribe from the CIA
Kenneth Schuchman (Nexus Zeta): Script kiddie (unskilled hacker) and patsy for the actual botnet author, also attempted to blow the whistle on a government conspiracy and was thrown in a mental hospital
Quote: "I saw his (referring to me) blackmail videos", Currently illegally silenced in mental hospitals and prison!
John Erin Binns (Irdev): Alleged 0day discoverer (CVE-2017-17215)
Logan Shwydiuk (Drake/Dingle): Found customers for botnet services, also a previous associate of Paras Jha

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CIA's favorite types of illegally used domestic informants are drug addicts or other pawns with low amounts of credibility
Shit list:
Azaiah Chadrick Crosswhite DOB 08/31/1997 from 643 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023-1334 / Moda - Drug and steroid addicted CIA informant and FBI CHS; Victims: KMS (Rory Guidry), Misnar (Joshua Haag)
Complete garbage, "[the CIA] are going to send me a copy of your destruction video" - Azaiah Crosswhite
Additional Quotes:
"Why don't you just shoot someone", "Why don't you just kill yourself", "Murder the FBI agents handling your case" (told to Rory Guidry)
Additional Notes: Tried entrapping a 16 year old on a murder conspiracy for cocaine money, known polydrug user.
Frequently uses hallucinogens and gaslights the people he informs on. Heavily employs bad-jacketing and falsely claims that others are informants.

Confession from this rat:

Aaron Sterritt from County Antrim, Northern Ireland / Vamp - Satori botnet case defendant (indicted under seal in Alaska) who took a bribe from the CIA

Jared A Fazah DOB 02/09/1998 from 5037 195th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-1314 / Expedient - Steroid addict paid over 500k by the CIA
Quote: "You'll never prove what they did to you, they'll just call you crazy", "$500,000 is only a fraction of what they gave me", "Shoot someone and murder your mother, then it'll all be over"
Phone: +17185705840, IMEI: 354894090665090, IMSI: 3114804240900000/204047425920361

Andrew Arce from Imperial, CA / Metex / Andy - Informant for REACT Task Force member Caleb Tuttle and part of the discreditation machine, protected by Tuttle for his own SWATting and SIM swapping crimes

Justin D Anglin from 105 Herman Smithers Rd Frankfort, KY 40601 / Nameless / Firekube - CIA Informant
Quote: "Now you have to work for the agency boys"

Brittany Christine Henderson DOB 10/11/1997 from Garland, TX / lasicity - CIA Informant

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